Transforming Health Update: CALHN and NALHN - General Rehabilitation Services Transfer from Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre to Modbury Hospital

23 March 2017

On Friday 17 March 2017 at the CALHN Industrial Liaison Forum a formal presentation was given on the transfer of general rehabilitation activity from Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre (HRC) to Modbury Hospital (MH). The purpose of this move is to repatriate appropriate Northern Adelaide activity back to the North. See the presentation and the consultation paper via the links provided.

The PSA has been advised that these services moves will facilitate the Modbury Hospital's transition to its prescribed hospital service profile as the north's specialist rehabilitation service provider. By the time the transfers are completed NALHN's rehabilitation services will comprise:

  • Inpatient beds;
  • Rehabilitation in the Home (RiTH) beds;
  • Day Rehabilitation Service; and
  • Outpatient Clinics.

There are approximately 56 FTE required to deliver the model of care for the transferred activity at NALHN, which includes Allied Health, Allied Health Assistants and Administrative staff, as well as medical and nursing staff. Positions will be filled by an expression of interest process which has been planned for May once the formal consultation process has been finalised.

Included in the presentation is a proposed reconfiguration of HRC once the activity and beds move to the Modbury Hospital that is planned to be completed by August 2017, and plan to be undertaken as a separate process. The proposal is for:

  • 27 inpatient bed reduction across the 3 general rehabilitation wards;
  • the differential to NALHN based on Transforming Health efficiencies and length of stays applied at HRC; and
  • to maintain safe patient care consideration to the consolidation down to 2 wards.

PSA members who have any comments or concerns about the above can provide them to PSA Transforming Health Officer by Thursday 6 April 2017.