It has been nearly two years since SA Health announced the Transforming Health program in response to the health cuts announced in the 2014-15 Federal Budget. Some of the Transforming Health changes have continued to cause considerable concern among staff and the community - such as the closure of the Repat, the transfer of rehab services from Hampstead and service changes at Modbury Hospital.


PSA members across all worksites have overwhelmingly identified two main concerns: lack of information from the department and lack of genuine consultation with all of those who are affected by change (not just those at management level).


PSA and members remain uncertain about the security of employment and associated timeframes for those working at sites earmarked for decommissioning or significant change. This continues to cause a considerable amount of stress and uncertainty for our members.


The PSA has formally sought the provision of information that accurately and comprehensively reflect the current timeframes for service changes. We have also sought a commitment that all staff (not just those at management level) will be given the opportunity to attend information meetings (with back-fill being provided as needed). Members will be kept up to date on the response received.


In the meantime the FAQ below addresses some of the most common questions raised by PSA members.


Key documents:



Site specific documents:



These documents will be revised, updated and added to over time. The PSA will continue to engage with SA Health regarding the proposed changes and raise issues and concerns on behalf of members. Members are encouraged to review these documents and provide feedback to the PSA Transforming Health Project Officer via

The PSA is committed to ensuring that the consultative principles, as outlined within the South Australian Public Sector Wages Parity Enterprise Agreement: Salaried 2014 are adhered to throughout any proposed changes which will impact on PSA members within the Health system.

Consultation is a right, not a privilege. Your feedback is paramount to enable the immediate addressing of concerns that you and your colleagues may have at the workplace.

During this time of change, more than ever, is the time to join the PSA. Members – get involved and keep your Worksite Representatives and the PSA aware of how these changes affect you and your colleagues.

June Update:

Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN):

The transfer of 24 general rehabilitation beds from Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre and activities are on track to move, with the commencement of the Expression of Interest (EOI) process for staff to move to Modbury Hospital in NAHLN.

The proposed consolidation of services on the Hampstead site has commenced with a Summary Paper of the outcomes from the initial consultative process been released. There are three wards being consolidated into two. The ward now proposing to close is Ward 2A, once the move to NALHN has been completed. Out of scope include the statewide services of Brain Injury and Spinal Cord Injury, where a number of those beds will move to the new Royal Adelaide Hospital and also the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

The final stage is the proposed transfer to TQEH is still on hold whilst a number of working groups are established to discuss and address a number of matters that were identified in the consultation phase.

Southern Adelaide Local Health Network (SALHN)

The Reconfiguration of Services across SALHN and the Decommissioning of the Repatriation Hospital still continues to progress with:

  • A new cardiovascular hub at Flinders Medical Centre (FMC) is still on track with internal service moves scheduled to be completed by early July, once minor works are completed.
  • The relocation of some services within FMC will bring stroke, neurology, cardiology, cardiotheracis surgery and vascular specialities together in this hub.

The PSA will be involved in the divisional meetings with in-scope staff that will occur in the coming weeks.

The EOI for Clinical Reconfiguration Administrative staff will commence shortly.

The RGH site has been sold to the Adelaide-based ACH Group and work will begin on a seven-year, $200 million redevelopment when the site is handed over in December.

Northern Adelaide Local Health Network (NALHN)

The new Rehabilitation buildings have been completed and consultation is occurring for the transfer of activity and beds from HRC to MH (see CALHN above).