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10 Good Reasons To Join The PSA

1) Better Wages and Conditions. People who belong to unions have better wages and conditions that non-union members. Union members on average earn 15% more than non-union members.


2) Protect Your Entitlements. Unions fought for and maintained - overtime rates, annual leave, sick leave, long service leave payments, maternity leave, leave loading, penalty rates, maximum working hours, compulsory superannuation, equal pay for women and trade union training leave. PSA membership protects these entitlements for you.

When long service leave entitlements were cut and recreational leave abolished in 2010, the PSA campaigned and won reinstatement of leave loading and a new retention provision and won its case in the High Court.


3) Comprehensive Workplace Advice. Members can access expert industrial advice and representation from specialist PSA staff. Our Member Rights Hotline is a dedicated phone line for member enquiries, available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.


4) Better Workplace Health and Safety. Unionised workplaces have better health and safety conditions. The PSA works to ensure that employers protect their employees from risks to their health and safety.


5) Save Money. Members enjoy a wide range of benefits and savings through PSA Plus at shops, restaurants, hotels and more. PSA membership also saves you money with discounted health insurance through Health Partners, Coles and Woolworths gift cards, metro cards and movie tickets. Take advantage of our holiday homes located throughout SA. The homes are available to rent at budget rates for members only. Union membership fees are tax deductible too !


6) Influence Policy. The PSA has successfully campaigned to protect and improve conditions of employment. PSA members have the opportunity to contribute to and influence issues at a workplace, agency or political level through industrial forums and meetings with Ministers The PSA commissions research on public sector policy issues and makes Budget submissions in order to promote the role of the public sector.


7) Stay Informed. PSA members are provided with up to date information about their working environment. Stay informed with our regular website updates, network of Workplace Reps and contacts, quarterly 'Review' magazine and agency specific communications on topics that are important to you.


8) Journey Accident Cover. PSA membership provides free income protection from the minute that you join, through our Journey Accident Cover. You will be covered for up to $1,200 per week for up to 104 weeks plus death and disability insurance up to $100,000.


9) Legal Advice and Assistance. PSA members have access to seek legal advice, assistance and family mediation services through our free Legal Services Scheme. Legal representation covers a large number of non work related areas.


10) Strength In Numbers. Belonging to a union helps to empower members to make positive changes at their workplace. Be a part of a strong network of like minded people across the public sector. JOIN NOW

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The PSA/CPSU is run by its members and is organised so you can contribute to decisions about policies and activities.

Only members can access the comprehensive benefits provided and be represented by the PSA. The PSA is unable to take on any pre-existing issues, so it is important to make sure you are a member and not leave yourself exposed should you ever need assistance.


The cost of membership is 0.95% of substantive base salary (plus GST).



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