Youth Court Review

28 June 2017

The PSA received information from CAA regarding progress on the review of the structure of CAA. CAA have stated they expect to have a proposed model and structure from the current review after further discussions with the Youth Court Judge.

The PSA has been invited to set up meetings with CAA and is seeking input from members to provide information and also assist in small committee for any necessary discussions.

The PSA view of the process to date is that the review begins a consultative process, however it is does not satisfy a range of matters for consultation under the enterprise agreement. That is, where necessary, we have further opportunity to debate the structure and ideas – not limited to the three proposals put forward in the process.

The PSA invites members to send in feedback, which may be some of the important features to the structure; requirements for practice; strengths that you want to maintain; or any concerns that you have or want raised (or any copies of feedback you have provided CAA already for our information).

The PSA seeks expression of interest from members to assist in discussions with CAA through the consultation process in small committee.

Please respond to the PSA by 5 July 2017.

Please direct any questions to your PSA Worksite Representatives or to PSA here.