Your EB - Your Decision - SA Water

26 February 2016

With voting now underway on the proposed SA Water enterprise agreement members are considering the following:

Proposal Not Agreed With Unions

  • The PSA has not agreed to the proposal because it falls short of what is fair and reasonable. The PSA - along with all other SA Water unions - is not recommending members support this proposal.

Job Security

  • The job security proposal falls well short of the protections achieved through other public service agreements. Members would have far fewer protections than other public sector workers.
  • There are no redeployment, retraining or redundancy provisions for non-tenured employees under SA Water's proposal. Policy provides little protection.

Pay Increases

  • The pay offer is well below that achieved in other public service agreements. ESCOSA's draft determination does not limit your pay rise to CPI.
  • If the proposal is voted down, pay rises would be the subject of further negotiation. SA Water's indications to employees that back pay or pay rises are under threat if their proposal is voted down is being seen by members for what it is.


  • SA Water is proposing watering down consultation requirements which provide significant protections. Instead of involving employees in decisions affecting many aspects of their working lives through “consult and decide” it would now be “decide and implement.”

Discipline and Sick Leave

  • The changes proposed in these areas disadvantage members and are consistent with SA Water's current arrogant management style.


SA Water employees will now decide if this latest proposal will meet their needs. A No vote would mean they expect better – and would seek to achieve that through further negotiations.

Enquiries about the SA Water enterprise agreement should be directed to the PSA.