Workplace Changes Within DPTI

13 December 2018

The Public Service Association (PSA) has been informed of three proposed changes within the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI).

The nature of the three changes are:

Regulatory Compliance Officers
DPTI has proposed to introduce a new Role Statement for the Regulatory Compliance Officers to align them with the business standard. A copy of both the current and proposed Role statements are attached here.

Regulation Directorate
A number of staff within the Regulation Directorate are proposed to move into other sections. None of these roles are being cut or changed in the nature of the work they are doing, however some staff would have different reporting lines.

Land Boundaries
The reporting lines for some staff in Land Boundaries will change resulting from the proposed introduction of the “Spatial Mapping” unit. There will be no loss of jobs or changes to the work staff do. Affected staff will be informed of the proposed changes and can provide feedback on this change to the PSA. Both the current and proposed structures are attached here.

Staff affected by any of these changes should have been notified by local management of the changes and how they might affect them.

The PSA is looking for feedback from members on these proposed changes. Members with feedback, concerns or suggestions can provided them confidentially to the PSA by 5:00pm Wednesday 19 December 2018.