Workloads in Personal Estates Branch

09 February 2016

The PSA has raised concerns with the Public Trustee about proposed changes to staffing in the Personal Estates Branch. The PSA is concerned that an ASO5 reliever position may be replaced by an ASO3 reliever position.

The PSA is concerned that the reduction of a reliever position to a lower classification level may negatively impact workloads in the Personal Estates Branch. Staffing levels in the Personal Estates Branch must be increased by an additional two reliever positions to address workload concerns. Members are experiencing unmanageable workloads and this must be addressed by the Public Trustee as a priority.

The South Australian Public Sector Wages parity Enterprise Agreement: Salaried 2014 stipulates that “in establishing or maintaining a safe and healthy work environment, an agency will not require an employee to have an unreasonable workload in the ordinary, discharge of the employee's duties.”

The PSA also provided feedback on a draft Personal Estates Workforce Planning Standard. A copy of the PSA's correspondence can be viewed here.

If members have any questions or concerns please contact the PSA.