Workload Measurement Tool – Previous Industrial Commitment to be Advanced

19 September 2017

To assist in suspension of industrial action by PSA members (Dec 2015), the Department offered to develop a workload measurement tool to assist in establishing fair workloads for child protection workers at breaking point.

The process has been drawn out to date, although the PSA did acknowledge that it could not be developed overnight. Significant research into workload issues has been undertaken by PSA members, Worksite Representatives (WSRs) and DECD/DCP staff. The PSA has requested all research be made available to show the work undertaken by all parties. To date this has not been made available on the department intranet as requested.

DCP has began to trial and refine the study further by undertaking studies and data collection of workload matters. This requires participation of staff to accurately report on matters relating to workloads to assist in looking at weighting work.

Further information should be sent out by DCP soon on this process about what will be happening in your workplace.

The PSA seeks members’ support to put pressure on DCP to reinvigorate their efforts in setting up a fair and safe workplace.

DCP has suggested each site have a worksite workload champion or similar. The PSA agree in the concept, however we think this is best determined at each site to nominate the most appropriate employee. We encourage all PSA WSRs, members and staff to be involved either as champions or assisting in moving the process forward by this short term study.

The PSA request interested WSRs and members re-nominate for the Workload Measurement Tool committee and continue to push forward for a positive outcome, which was first established early 2016.

The PSA advise members that experience workload issues to report these to your line management in the first instance to work through appropriate solutions. Where there is not a satisfactory response, the workload issue should be escalated, reviewed, and addressed.