Work in Renewal SA and on a Contract?

02 October 2019

Public Service Association (PSA) members continue to be concerned with the number of staff in Renewal SA on long term contract employment and have agreed this is the number one matter which needs to be addressed.

In 2019 many other agencies have tackled this issue that for so long has appeared unsolvable. The first step in Legal Services Commission, Housing SA and Primary Industries and Regions South Australia was to identify how far the problem reached in their agency.

So that this can be addressed impacted staff need to fill in the PSA Survey about contract employment so that we can have a clear picture of what the contracts issue looks like across Renewal SA. Members and those yet to join the PSA are strongly encouraged to fill in the survey available here.

At members’ request, the PSA wrote to Renewal SA leadership about the concerns members have raised with how the translation process was conducted. If you have concerns about the classification you have received and wish to challenge this please email PSA with your classification outcome and the classification you think is appropriate.

Remember, your classification is not linked to your salary level, it is the level of work you do. If you are unsure what classification you should be, you can review the following classification standards to provide you with more information.


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Just like the other agencies which have been successful in addressing long term contracts it is critical that Renewal SA staff work together as union members to ensure that their voices are heard. Please circulate this email to your collegues – the more people we have working together on this the better the outcome we will achieve.