Work Bans - Nursing (ANMF) Public Sector Employees

08 March 2016

The Public Service Association (PSA) has been advised by the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF) have commenced Work Bans from 1500 hours on 7 March 2016, on transferring and/or admission of patients from Cramond/ED to South East Older Mental Health (SE).

The PSA understands that this has occurred due to inappropriate patients being transferred over the weekend to SE into the closed and open beds (including young toxicology patients). This is highly inappropriate and unsafe for clients and staff, that could compromise patient care.

Whilst this Work Ban only applies to nursing employees, the PSA is in dispute over the Allied Health Resources (including support staff). The ban has been authorised by the relevant Industrial Organisation (ANMF), to be applied by their members.

As a fundamental principle, PSA members are encouraged to respect the current bans in place.

That is, PSA members are encouraged not to perform the duties that are currently subject to a Union authorised ban.

Equally, it is inappropriate for local site management to requ
est that PSA members perform the roles of their colleagues who are participating in such action.

PSA members are encouraged to contact the PSA via hotline or telephone 8205 32
01 should they receive direction to undertake tasks that are subject to those bans currently being implemented.