Win for PSA 2UP Campaign in the Upper House of Parliament

07 December 2018

The PSA commenced our Campaign for 2UP On Shift in Residential Care in 2017.

The Government of the day accepted in principle the Nyland Royal Commission Recommendation 150C. However they did not support the implementation of 2UP staffing, which states single handed shifts be abandoned immediately.

The PSA has campaigned continuously for 2UP staffing across Residential Care by;

  •  Meeting with members to raise awareness
  •  Developing a petition which has gathered hundreds of signatures in support.
  •  Distributing posters and badges across DCP to help raise awareness.
  •  Speaking to Members of Parliament from all parties to inform them and seek support to assist in ensuring Residential Care Workers are able to keep our young people safe.

Recently the PSA presented the petition to MPs, the Guardian for Children and Young People and, with support of members we have been able to explain the essential reasons for 2UP staffing across Residential Care.

These conversations have resulted in great support for our 2UP Campaign. This week PSA members attended Parliament to witness a vote in the Upper House calling on the Government to implement 2UP staffing across Residential Care.

The Hon Connie Bonaros, MLC presented a motion in support of the PSA campaign and Nyland Recommendation 150C to abandon single handed shifts in Residential Care. The vote in the Upper House of Parliament took place on Wednesday 5 December 2018.

The motion was supported by the Opposition and The Greens whose speeches were very supportive of the PSA 2UP Campaign. Both also expressed high praise for Child Protection Workers in Residential Care, acknowledging the important work you do everyday.

The Opposition called on Minister Rachel Sanderson MP to honour her statement made at the PSA’s Child Protection Forum before this year’s election that she supported 2UP staffing across Residential Care.

A fantastic win for PSA members and common sense with Nyland recommendation 150C to Abandon Single Handed Shifts gaining more momentum. The fight is not over and we need to continue our campaign to have the Government fund 2UP on shift.

Speeches relating to the vote in Parliament are available here.