Wiltja Boarding Update

19 December 2018

At the last meeting with members, it was discussed that the PSA has received a letter from the Department for Education regarding employment arrangements at Wiltja Residential College. Please find the letter here.

The Department has stated that they intend to provide a draft flexible working arrangement to be put to staff. As soon as the Department provides this proposal the PSA will discuss the proposal and any alternative proposals or changes members may like to put forward.

The PSA will work towards an outcome that all members are happy with that matches with your industrial entitlements.

Please let PSA Organiser, know if you believe anything stated in the Department’s letter is incorrect or if there is anything you would like to comment on and we can provide a response to the department.

The PSA is also reviewing the possibility that staff have been previously underpaid. The PSA is particularly interested in whether accurate penalties have been paid while on trips away.

If you would like your pay investigated please provide copies of your time sheets, rosters, payslips and other relevant information to PSA by email so it can be analysed.