WILTJA Boarding | DE’s Proposed Flexible Workplace Arrangement Draft

09 July 2019

The PSA has been provided with the attached draft workplace arrangement tabled by DE (here).

The PSA is currently examining the industrial implications of this draft and will provide members with more information over the following weeks. The PSA will also be visiting Wiltja Boarding in the week beginning the 22 July to talk to all staff about the industrial implications and gather feedback on the draft proposal. A further brief will be issued with details to this visit.

All union members are encouraged to provide the PSA with feedback to be included anonymously in our collective response. Please provide your feedback to PSA by email or through your PSA worksite Representatives. You may also provide feedback directly to the employer, if you wish.

The PSA has negotiated an extension for feedback until the 26 July 2019 in order to make sure we have an opportunity to visit while members are all on site.