What’s Going on in Disability? | PSA Update

30 April 2019

Disability in Government is in significant transition at the moment because a large number of staff are considering TVSP offers and some functions will not be operating in government past 30 June due to the final implementation of the NDIS. At the same time the future structure of a number of areas is still unclear making it difficult for members to decide whether to stay in Government or take a package. The PSA continues to push for proposed structures to be provided to staff for consultation as soon as possible. This is particularly true in Supported Community Accommodation as this service will definitely be in place for some time yet.(see further information below).

The PSA offers the following general advice to members working in Disability:

  •  If you have been offered a TVSP, ensure you obtain independent financial advice and take the time you need to decide. There are three weeks from the time the formal offer is made to consider your future.
  •  The placement team in DHS and the mobility team in OPSE are working together to place staff as far as is possible in ongoing jobs. If you are materially affected you can still access your case manager as part of this process, however DHS also has the right to place you in an alternate vacancy within the department. This should be at your current classification and salary and also within a reasonable distance from your home.
  •  You may be placed in, or offered, a short term role. However, if you are an ongoing employee you cannot lose this status. If you are on contract and your position goes, then check your contract to determine what it says about termination. Your contract may be varied with your agreement and also it may not be renewed.
  •  The PSA understands that there is likely to be continued work in the short term for contract employees. While you are still in Government you also have the opportunity to apply for ongoing roles within Government.
  •  The PSA encourages members to contact DHS HR and to raise questions and issues so they can be addressed and also included in the Frequently Asked Question process.

Supported Community Accommodation
PSA members continue to be frustrated that there is still no available outline of the proposed new structure for the management of this service. This means staff are unclear about how many positions will exist in a new structure, what the roles will be, or how the service will function and so cannot make an informed decision about their future plans.

The PSA wrote on behalf of members to management seeking proper consultation with staff and the PSA and there is now a commitment to establish a consultative structure. PSA members have also sought to be declared materially affected so they can access positions across the public service. The Department is yet to agree to this.

Just before Easter, the PSA was assured that management would be holding meetings with staff to provide information about the proposed structure. It is vital that these meetings occur as soon as possible so that genuine consultation can occur and so that all the information is available prior to staff accepting or not accepting a TVSP.

PSA Organising Team Leader has approval to be at these meetings and will also be organising a PSA meeting directly following the first meeting so members can ask questions, raise issues and seek clarification.