WHA 3 Care Workers Underpayment - Progress at Last

22 April 2016

Following the PSA notifying of a potential underpayment for WHA3 Care Workers in the second half of 2015, it has finally been confirmed by DCSI that affected staff will be translated into either a WHA4 or 5 classification as of 18 April.


Members new pay rates should be reflected within the next pay run. The next step will be DCSI starting the process of calculating any back pay due. The PSA will ensure members are updated on when this should be expected to be completed.


The PSA advises members that have recently put in an expression of interest for a TVSP to ensure that any calculations received are based on the revised classification increment. If a received offer is based on the old classification members should contact whoever provided the TVSP calculation and advise them of the backdated reclassification and the TVSP offer be recalculated. Indicate that they should contact DCSI HR to confirm this if necessary.


Please contact the PSA for any clarification on this matter.