WCHN - nWCH - Scenarios, Adjacencies and Principles for the nWCH - Member Feedback Sought

14 September 2018

The Public Service Association (PSA) is your industrial representative on the nWCH Taskforce Industrial Bodies Reference Group. Through that group, WCHN has invited the PSA to provide feedback on the following:

  • nWCH Scenario Modelling – a recommended scenario is under consideration and contained in the Scenario Modelling Presentation here.
  • nWCH Departmental Adjacencies and Relationships – what do you think the priorities are? Email from the Acting Advanced Divisional Nursing Director received 7 September 2018 containing information regarding Current Play Therapy Governance Structures
  • nWCH Site Evaluation Criteria – various factors for consideration are contained within the first two pages of the Industrial Reference Group Taskforce Update. Which of these do you think are important to consider?
  • Principles to underpin the planning of the nWCH – do you have principles that you believe should be included?

The PSA is seeking feedback regarding the above by email from members to include in the PSA's response to the employer. Please forward any comments to the PSA by close of business Wednesday 19 September 2018 to allow them to be included in a collated and non-identifying manner in the PSA's response.

As a further update, the PSA has advocated strongly that there needs to be non-clinical representation (such as Senior Administrative Officers/Managers) in high level discussions, as well as a clinical focus; and that once more detailed planning commences, all levels and disciplines of salaried staff must be involved.