WCHN | Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) | Information Regarding Updating Of Job And Person Specifications (J&PS) in Preparation for Implementation of Statewide Restructure

19 April 2018

Clause 1.8 in the Salaried Staff Human Resource Principles for the CAMHS Statewide Restructure (here) current J&PS must be updated in preparation for the implementation phase. The clause states:

“Managers are reminded that they must….ensure existing role descriptions/job and person specifications are up-to-date (in consultation with the substantive incumbent). Role descriptions/job and person specifications will be used to determine whether a position and classification is unchanged or different. Accordingly, the accuracy of role description/job and person specifications is fundamental to the accurate translation of positions.”

The Public Service Association (PSA) provides the following advice in relation to this process:

  •     Managers must provide employees who hold substantive roles with their current J&PS. Managers may just provide the J&PS as it currently stands; or they may provide one with their own suggested amendments. Regardless, employees must have adequate time, allowing for current workloads and responsibilities, to review and provide input regarding their current role, duties and responsibilities. This is critical, as this document will be an integral part of employees’ career pathways forward.
  •     It is important to remember that these J&PS must be based on current roles, not on roles in the new structure. While the format for the J&PS may be an updated template compared to employees’ current J&PS, if it is a role with more specific duties then the J&PS must still capture those specific requirements related to that role.
  •     If managers do not accept an employee’s proposed changes there must be clear reason given as to why those changes have been rejected.
  •     Consideration must also be given as to whether the amended J&PS may now meet a higher classification. This can be ascertained by comparing the J&PS to either the Work Level Definitions contained in Appendix 6A of the South Australian Modern Public Sector Enterprise Agreement: Salaried 2017 (for Allied Health staff) or to Attachment 2 (‘Classification Standards ASO’) of Determination 5: Classification and Remuneration for Employees (for administrative staff). If members believe this to be the case, they can request that the classification for the proposed J&PS be reviewed.
  •     If managers do not agree with the inclusion of matters that members believe are part of their current role/duties; or managers do not agree that an amended J&PS requires a classification review; members should contact the PSA Members’ Rights Hotline on 8205 3227 to seek industrial advice about their concerns. If there are grounds for grievance the Members’ Rights Hotline can discuss options with the member which, as per the HR Principles, may include escalation by the member to the Executive lead, or a Section 61 Internal Review as provided for in the Public Sector Act 2009.

The PSA also remind members on long term leave, or those seconded to other areas, that if they hold a substantive role within CAMHS they must also be included in this process. CAMHS have advised that as well as meetings around role descriptors, employees are welcome to request a meeting with their manager or other CAMHS Executive staff to gain an understanding and update of the restructure process.