Ward Clerks - Lyell McEwin Hospital

29 February 2016

The PSA has been assisting members with a number of workplace concerns, and has achieved the following outcomes after a recent meeting with NALHN:

Workload pressures

NALHN has now advised the PSA it is willing to consider workload assessment on a case-by-case basis. The PSA encourages any member with workload issues to contact the PSA.

New procedures

NALHN has now committed to timely planning in relation to the introduction of new procedures for Ward Clerks. This commitment is especially important to members in light of the new MR-RESUS procedure implementation.

Regular team meetings

The PSA has been instrumental in ensuring that regular team meetings will be established for Ward Clerks to facilitate addressing many of their day-to-day concerns.

Backfill criteria

The PSA is awaiting clarification from NALHN about the criteria necessary for backfill approval as there appears to be a trend for NALHN not to backfill. The PSA is seeking an indication that a robust system will be adopted to avoid further stress and anxiety to staff who are working under considerable pressure.

The PSA will continue to ensure that management fulfill their obligations under the Enterprise Agreement regarding consultative processes for any workplace changes being introduced.

The PSA will continue visiting Lyell McEwin Hospital on a regular basis to meet with members and any staff interested in joining the PSA.