Vote on 2UP Campaign in Parliament

29 November 2018

The PSA has been campaigning for 2UP On Shift and the abandonment of Single Handed Shifts in Child Protection across Residential Care.

As a key recommendation from the Nyland Royal Commission, recommendation 150C recognised the substantial risk associated with staff working single-handed shifts. Justice Nyland recommended that single-handed shifts be abandoned immediately.

Now after two years of campaigning and petitions from PSA members there will be a vote in the Legislative Council of the South Australian Parliament supporting the PSA campaign for 2UP staffing in the Department for Child Protection, Residential Care.

The PSA has been working behind the scenes speaking with key stakeholders to inform them of the benefits to young people and staff in having 2UP staffing across Residential Care.

The Hon Connie Bonaros, MLC presented a motion in the Upper House on 17 October 2018 in support of 2UP On Shift across Residential Care.

This motion will now be voted on in the Upper House of State Parliament North Terrace on 5 December 2018 at approximately 4:00pm. The PSA encourages members to attend Parliament to show our strong support for 2UP On Shift.

Please contact PSA if you intend to attend this important step on our campaign.