Urgent advice for Work Injured Members

17 January 2017


On 1 July 2015 major changes to the South Australian Workers Compensation Scheme took effect and the Return to Work Act 2014 came into operation.

Any entitlement to weekly payments for an injured worker, other than a seriously injured worker (assessed to be 30% or more whole person impaired in accordance with the Act), will end after 104 weeks (two years) from the date on which the incapacity for work first occurred. 

After 104 weeks an injured worker, other than a seriously injured worker, will no longer have any entitlement to weekly payments, even if the worker has not fully recovered from their work injury or made a full return to paid work.

If you were on 'WorkCover' when the new laws commenced and if you are not considered to be a seriously injured worker, any weekly income payments you currently receive will be cut off after 30 June 2017.

If you are a member who has not made a full return to paid work we urgently need to know your current circumstances in order to assist you in achieving a settled and established return to pre-injury hours, where medically appropriate and continued paid employment within the SA Government sector.

Please contact the PSA Member's Rights Hotline as soon as possible for more information.