Update on Service SA Closure Campaign

18 April 2019

The lack of information from the Department that has overshadowed the outrageous budget announcement to close three Service SA centres, Mitcham, Modbury and Prospect continues.

PSA members and Worksite Representatives have been regularly attending consultation meetings about the proposed closures where information has been scarce. In the wake of the announcements that the closures have been put on hold, information has all but dried up.

Although we welcome the fact that due to active PSA and community campaigning, the closures are currently on hold, a large number of questions still remain. These are causing insecurity, anxiety and distress for staff.

The PSA is seeking from the Department clear information about the future so members can make plans. Information is particularly important for staff who are in offices with leases due to expire.

There seems to be little compassion being shown for staff in the identified centres who feel they are now in limbo.

PSA Worksite Representatives have determined that the information and support from Service SA has been insufficient and that questions need to be put to the Transport Minister as a key decision maker.

The PSA has written to the Minster on behalf of members about these issues – you can read the letter here.

The PSA will continue to campaign to stop the closures which provide essential services to their communities.