Update on Land Services Commercialisation Project

23 May 2017

The PSA attended the Employee Reference Group (ERG) on Monday 22 May 2017 for an update on the progress of the Land Services Commercialisation Project, better known as the Lands Titles Office privatisation.

At this meeting the PSA’s request to the state Treasurer to formally adopt the principle of guaranteeing leave entitlements if staff transition to the new provider was confirmed as accepted. The Treasurer also confirmed that no staff will be forced across to the new provider.

It was further confirmed that the position of the State Government would be for the new provider to apply to Super SA for the continuation of staff utilising employer contributions into a SSS scheme.

While many articles have appeared in the media about this process recently, the PSA is committed to providing updates to members based on discussions between the PSA and the State Government.

As confirmed at the meeting, the closing date for the ‘Binding Bidders’ is set to close on Friday 28 July 2017.

It is expected that the draft organisational structure outlining the functions that will be retained will be released for staff consultation in coming weeks. This process is independent of the bidding process and any state Cabinet decisions. The process for filling this structure will be in accordance with Commissioner’s Determination 1 (attached here).

The PSA encourages concerns and feedback to be sent to PSA at enquiries@cpsu.asn.au. The PSA frequently attends the informal kitchen catch-up meeting at 101 Grenfell St where members can also raise concerns in person.