Update on DCP Commitments to Staffing

10 January 2017

The PSA wrote to the Department of Child Protection (DCP) in December to request a number of commitments to staffing across child protection. The PSA has received the formal confirmation of a six month extension for the 50 additional staff which were provided in response to the PSA members 'At Breaking Point' campaign.

DCP commitments to longer term staffing solutions, or consultation on such matters, are still yet to occur since the announcements of an additional $400million of funding.

The DCP letter in response to the PSA requests can be found here. See the PSA original letter here.

The PSA is concerned that DCP have not responded in detail to all matters raised and will continue communication on these matters to ensure detailed consultation occurs. Staffing and vacancies is still a key issue in improving workplace conditions and developing improved capacity in the child protection Sector.

The PSA will write in further detail to the Chief Executive to request that social work positions, which can be held by either AHP1 or AHP2 classified employees, are advertised and recruited across this broader scope, and thus assist in their attraction and retention.

The PSA encourages members to continue to report concerns and associated implications of staffing, vacancies (both ongoing or temporary in nature), workplace flexibility, workloads concerns, and other industrial matters to your PSA Worksite Representatives.

We encourage members to continue to attend your PSA worksite meetings and look forward to continuing to support members to ensure that additional resources make a difference.