Update From PSA Meeting About the Department for Industry and Skills’ Realignment

06 December 2018

On Wednesday 5 December 2018, PSA members met to discuss the response from the DIS Chief Executive in relation to staff concerns about the DIS realignment process and structure and other issues and questions that members wish to be raised with management.

Members at the meeting raised the following issues:

1. The detailed organisational structure appears to be inaccurate.
2. Position Descriptions remain too generic.
3. Questions about what is the process for unassigned staff.
4. The proposed structure is too top heavy.
5. A lack of clarity about the number of, and process for, “unassigned“ staff.
6. More clarity is needed on the impact of budget cuts and the definition of the “40 FTE in scope for re-balancing”

Other questions and issues were also collated at the meeting that require clarification in particular around those on secondment.

PSA Organiser and Worksite Representatives will be meeting with Human Resources (HR) on Friday 7 December 2018 to address members’ issues and question and seek further clarifications.

Please provide any further feedback or questions to PSA by email.

A further member update will be provided following the meeting on Friday.