Update Following Workplace Representitives Meetings - AYTC

21 October 2016

On 20 October 2016, Public Service Association (PSA) Worksite Representatives (WSRs) met to discuss recent staff safety events and ongoing safety and staffing issues at Adelaide Youth Training Centre (AYTC).

While it was agreed that there had been progression with some of the outstanding issues which all members appreciated, it was acknowledged that other issues had not yet been addressed. The PSA will be writing to Chief Executive Tony Harrison to outline the outstanding staff concerns relating to safety and staffing issues.

WSRs proposed a face to face meeting with the CE to have an opportunity to speak with Mr Harrison about these ongoing issues at AYTC. Members' views on how AYTC can improve safety and security should be relayed to your Workiste Representative.

On Wednesday 19 October the Advertiser reported an article about the recent incidents at AYTC. The article inaccurately reported the position of the PSA and its demands to DCSI. The PSA has raised this matter in order to ensure future reports accurately reflect the PSA's position on matters relating to AYTC.