Underpayment Claim | Signed Undertakings Required

30 April 2019

Members are aware there has now been agreement that three test cases will be listed for hearing at the South Australian Employment Tribunal (SAET). The test cases have been chosen by the PSA as being representative of the matters that need to be determined for all members. The dates for these hearings are 19, 20 and 21 August 2019.

The Department for Human Services has agreed to proceed with the test cases provided that the determination of these cases by the SAET will apply to all applicants.

The PSA has been seeking members’ agreement that they will be bound by the determination that results from the court hearings and has requested undertakings be signed by each applicant and returned to the PSA.

Formal correspondence with a reply paid envelope has already been sent to every applicant’s home address.

A reminder letter will now be sent to those few applicants whose undertaking has not yet been received.

Should any applicant not have received correspondence, the PSA has left spare copies of undertakings in the key rooms at Goldsborough Road and Jonal Drive. A copy of the undertaking can also be accessed by clicking here.

The PSA requires any outstanding undertakings from applicants be returned within the next two weeks