Transportation of Prisoners - PSA Work Bans Remain in Place

20 May 2016

The PSA attended the Industrial Relations Commission of South Australia (IRCSA) today in relation to the ongoing Statewide work bans (involving all DCS Prisons) for transportation of prisoners.


The work bans regarding the transportation and admission of prisoners prior to 0830 and after 1800 remain in place.


At the IRCSA the PSA maintained that the Correctional Services Regulations 2001 at Part 2 “Admission of prisoners to correctional institutions”, Section 5 (1), clearly states that new prisoners may only be admitted for detention from Monday to Friday (except public holidays), between 0900 and 1800.


Correctional Services Regulations 2001 at Part 2, Section 5 Subsection (2) does allow for admissions at other times however the intent of this is for emergency admissions and extenuating circumstances, not to meet the current bedspace crisis.


At the IRCSA DCS stated that DCS Executive staff will be visiting to MOB, PLP, ARC, APC, PAP and CTC over the next two weeks to meet with all PSA Worksite Representatives to discuss the health and safety aspects relating to transfers, movement of prisoners and admissions after 1800.


The PSA will be meeting DCS again at the IRCSA on Thursday 2 June 2016.


The PSA will keep members informed of the progress regarding this matter.