Transportation of Prisoners - Current Restrictions Remain in Place

07 April 2016

The PSA reaffirmed that the current work bans restricting the transportation of prisoners outside the hours of 0830 to 1800 would remain in place.


PSA Worksite Representatives from all prison sites met on 6 April 2016 to discuss the work bans currently in place restricting the transportation of prisoners outside the hours of 0830 to 1800. After extensive discussions an amended proposal was determined. This amended proposal was subsequently outlined to DCS Executive staff at the DCS Custodial Central Consultative Committee meeting on Thursday 7 April 2016.


The amended proposal was as follows:


  • Span of hours for the transportation of new admission prisoners be amended to 0830 to 1900.


  • Span of hours for inter site transfer of prisoners remain as 0830 to 1800.


  • To accommodate the increase in the span of hours for new prisoner admissions the following additional staffing was requested:


    • MOB – 2 x swing shift


    • PLP – 2 x swing shift


    • ARC – 2 x first watch


    • APC – 2 x first watch


    • CTC – additional staffing as/when required



  • This amended proposal be trialled for a four week period after which Worksite Representatives from all sites would meet again to review.



The PSA also advised DCS that no prisoners would be admitted without their Warrants.


The additional staffing requested for the amended proposal brings the other sites to the same staffing level provided at YLP and AWP for evening admissions.


DCS rejected the amended proposal. DCS also stated it was having significant discussions with other stakeholders such as the Courts Administration Authority and G4S however could offer no immediate solution to the late arrival of new prisoner admissions. The PSA confirmed it is waiting for outcomes from these discussions between DCS and the other stakeholders.