Transportation of Prisoners - Action Lifted - Urgent Meetings Sought with Department

08 July 2016

After numerous meetings at the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) and with DCS management and following recommendations from the IRC, members meetings at every DCS prison were concluded this morning, 8 July 2016. Every member meeting endorsed the following motion:

As a gesture of good will this meeting determines to accept the Recommendation of the IRCSA to lift the current ban.

This meeting also puts the Department on notice that Correctional Officers will require strict compliance with Regulation 5 and that further bans may be imposed if the Department fails to fully comply with the Recommendations of the IRCSA including by:


    1. Ensuring that prisoners are admitted to DCS Prisons within the regulation hours of 0900 to 1800 except where good reason exists.


    2. Genuinely engaging, consulting and working with the PSA so as to deal with the out of regulation hours admission problem and in the development of protocols for such admissions.


    3. Arranging centralised weekly meetings with PSA Worksite Representatives from all prison sites to further discuss and resolve the out of hours admissions issue.”


DCS management has been advised that in order to ensure further disputation does not arise in this matter they must immediately initiate a schedule of weekly meetings beginning within seven days of 8 July 2016.


The PSA will keep members advised of developments and congratulates all members for standing united for the last few months to ensure the issue of prisoner transportation is properly addressed.