07 April 2017

On the 7 December 2016 the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Public Health Officer wrote to the PSA advising that that the external review by Highlands Health Consulting of the Public Health and clinical Systems Branch Report was now complete. A Working Group was also set up to review the recommendations of the report and discuss next steps.

PSA members were encouraged to provide any suggestions to the Working Group by end of January 2017 and the formal consultation was to commence in February 2017 once the draft proposed way forward was released.  Unfortunately this draft proposed way forward document was not released to staff until 29 March 2017.

SA Health appear to be again disregarding Clause 26 of the SA Public Sector Wages Parity Enterprise Agreement: Salaried 2014 as to what is required in a consultative process.  This is evident as the Public Health and Clinical Systems review response has been signed off as the final document when it was originally intended to be a draft proposal.

There were 20 recommendations within the Review Report and three of these were deemed not applicable. It is of concern to the PSA that it seems none of the detailed concerns raised by members have been taken into account by the Working Group when compiling this draft proposed way forward document.

The PSA sought an extension of the consultation period and the closing date is now Wednesday 3 May 2017. This extension was also supported by the ANMF and SASMOA.

The PSA welcomes any comments or concerns from members - please contact the PSA.