Transforming Health Peak Union Forum

02 August 2016

The Public Service Association attended the July Transforming Health Peak Union Forum. The Minister's Clinical Advisory Groups (MCAGs) have now approved the previous month's presentations of Project Instructions for Frailty in Older People and on Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS), and a draft for Frailty in Older People project (including the Workshop Report). The Allied Health 7 Day Services Project is still in draft form, which is a concern for the PSA as this is an important project for PSA members.

Previously questions were raised as to what the time lines were for the development of the Models of Care (MOC) for the MCAG Projects. At July's meeting we were advised the expert groups have now supported the following MOC:

  • Acute Coronary Care Syndrome (ACS)
  • Rehabilitation Model of Care
  • Orthogeriatric Model of Care, and
  • Stroke Model of Care

Still in development are the After Hours Senior Cover and the Allied Health 7 Day Services Projects. Time lines for the implementation dates on these are still to be determined. The PSA is concerned that there seems to be no consultation occurring on the development of the MOCs or their proposed implementation.

The PSA has also been advised that the CALHN to NALHN Service Moves EOI process, which was open to all in-scope staff (except for weekly paid and medical staff), closed on 18 July 2016. The transfers will be in three waves: mid/end October, early November and end of November.

The PSA has also raised concerns that the key milestones document was outdated. It has been confirmed that this document will be updated on a regular/monthly basis.

The PSA will continue to keep members advised and welcomes any comments or suggestions which should be directed to the PSA.