Transforming Health - Minister's Clinical Advisory Group Projects

09 February 2016

Presentations about the Minister's Clinical Advisory Group (MCAG) Projects are being planned for forthcoming peak union forums.

The PSA participates in these fortnightly peak union forums set up by SA Health to consult prior to local health networks implementing the Transforming Health Projects of the MCAG.

The first presentation was on the MCAG Orthogeriatrics and seven day Allied Health Projects.

The presentation on the MCAG Orthogeriatrics Project included the following:

    • This is the development of a Statewide Clinical Pathway for Acute Hip Fracture Management and the aligning to the National Standards.
    • The nRAH will continue to be a multi trauma centre.
    • Introduction of seven day services at LMH, QEH and FMC (FMC already prior to TH commencing this) with Allied Health support.
      • This may mean a change of hours for some disciplines, although some disciplines already undertake seven day services eg Physiotherapy.
      • 24/7 timely access to Medical Imaging and Pathology Services. No specific details were given as to what is proposed for PSA members working in these areas. Any changes to existing conditions of employment will need to be subject to consultation.
    • A Model of Care is being developed and will be out for consultation shortly.


What is concerning the PSA is that there are still no details on industrial implications for Allied Health staff. It appears seven day rosters are being introduced in a way that denies Allied Health staff the relevant additional conditions of employment (eg the additional week's annual leave). Lack of resources and/or implementing changes within existing resources, changes to rostered hours, and workloads will be the issues of contention for PSA members.

The PSA is concerned that only a quick verbal overview on the MCAG seven day Allied Health Project was presented. Approximately 10 disciplines are being considered, but no specific details were given. There are already some disciplines already working over seven days in some clinical areas (eg Mental Health).

The PSA also raised concerns about the delay in the unions receiving a briefing on the Glenside Mental Health PTSD Unit new build concept - especially when the consultation period closes on 17 February 2016. The PSA was also concerned about being excluded from staff briefings. However a briefing was subsequently arranged for Tuesday 2 February 2016.

PSA members who have any concerns or comments in relation to these matters should contact the PSA.