Transforming Health - Early Proposal for a Specialist Outpatient Referral Management Service

13 June 2017

The Public Service Association (PSA) met with representatives from Operational Service Improvement and Demand Management (OSIDM) at the Department for Health and Ageing (DHA), who are advancing a number of outpatient reform initiatives.

One of the proposed initiatives is the establishment of the Specialist Outpatient Referral Management Service (SORMS). The intent is that the proposed SORMS will be the single point of entry for the receipt and processing of all new referrals to specialist outpatient services across SA Health. While this is a developing proposal, a draft Business Rules Discussion Paper has been received by the PSA. This pre-release draft paper provides an overview of the proposed strategy. The PSA is now seeking members feedback on the proposed Business Rules. OSIDM has assured the PSA that this is initial broad feedback and specific details will be provided through formal consultation. A copy of the Discussion Paper is available (here).

The PSA is seeking feedback from members in relation to the proposed business rules by 30 June 2017.

A formal consultation process will be undertaken by OSIDM which will be by a stakeholder engagement process. The process will consist of undertaking focus groups with each LHN to work through administrative and clinical concerns to ensure the proposed SORMS will operate as a safe and effective service. It is anticipated that this will commence in August/September 2017.

Members who are interested in nominating for a PSA working group for this project can contact PSA (here).

The PSA welcomes any comments or concerns from members be directed to PSA (here).