Transforming Health: Central Adelaide Local Health Network Consolidation Of The Royal Adelaide Hospital and The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Memory Clinical Trials

21 June 2017

The PSA has received the Feedback Summary Paper for the consolidation of the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (TQEH) Memory Clinical Trials that will now proceed to implementation. A copy of the Feedback Summary Paper is attached (here).

The key themes of the responses received were staff location, client transport, administrative concerns/logistics, cost centres, space on Ward 5C (at TQEH). If staff have specific concerns that they may need addressed please advise PSA Senior Industrial Officer Sue Cummins, especially around work health and safety issues e.g. office space.

A Working Group is being established to consider requirements for the logistical move of the RAH Memory Clinical Trials to TQEH from 14 August 2017.

PSA members who have any comments or concerns about the above can provide them (here).