Transfer of Natural Resources Management Members to Landscape Boards

26 May 2020

The Public Service Association (PSA) recently corresponded and subsequently met with Department for Environment and Water (DEW) management responsible for the transfer to the new Landscape Boards.

The PSA met with the Department to discuss a number of concerns including the way people would be employed, which enterprise agreement would cover them and contract employment. Members are rightly seeking clear answers to these issues as they impact directly on your jobs and futures.

Following the meeting, DEW has written to the PSA and addressed a number of these concerns.

  •  DEW extended the time for your feedback around the proposed structures of boards and the PSA will continue to consult with members and raise provide feedback to the Department.
  •  Staff transferring to the new boards would still be covered by the Enterprise Agreement. DEW agreed that the new boards should be a party to the agreement and therefore current staff will be subject to its terms and conditions
  •  Staff transferring to the new boards should be subject to Part 7 of the Public Sector Act 2009 and its regulations which include limits to contract employment, rights to ongoing employment and dispute resolution.
  •  A significant number of contracts expire on 30 June 2020. DEW committed to offer contract extensions prior to the transition so those staff will have contracts that take them beyond June 2020. The PSA is still seeking confirmation of how long those contracts will be. If you are employed on a contract, you are encouraged to contact your PSA Organiser.
  •  Business Support staff still do not all know what will happen with their roles and which staff will be working for boards and which would remain in DEW. HR are still working through the transition and these staff will not transfer on 1 July 2020. It may be as late as December 2020 before it is certain. The PSA will consult with members and ensure that support staff receive protection of their entitlements and job security.
  •  Price Waterhouse Coopers reviewed Business Support and staff understood PWC’s recommendations were to be shared. HR undertook to find out if the report can be shared with the PSA and members and will respond soon.
  •  Some proposed board structures contain positions that appear variously classified as OPS and ASO when they will perform similar tasks. The PSA will consult with members and examine these roles to determine if the roles are substantially similar and therefore need a review of classifications.
  •  Some proposed structures have not been provided to the PSA, specifically Eyre Peninsula, Alinytjara Wilurara and Kangaroo Island Landscape Boards. These will be provided as soon as possible

What next?
Your PSA Organiser will convene video conferences over the coming weeks with members from across the state to discuss these and any other issues arising from the shift to Landscape Boards. To be a part of these meetings, please email PSA.