Tram and Trains Privatisation Update: Next Round of Consultation Meetings

19 November 2019

The PSA and other unions continue to be opposed to and are campaigning against any privatisation of trams and trains.

Staff in scope for the proposed tram or train privatisations have received information from the South Australian Public Transport Authority on the following topics:

  •  Redeployment, Retraining, Redundancy (RRR)
  •  Communication with Employees
  •  Contracting Out Model and Procurement of a New Tram Service Provider
  •  Enterprise Bargaining

The release of this information was at the request of the PSA so members could be fully informed as part of the consultation process. As part of this process, the Department has also outlined a series of meetings to discuss these information packs.

The PSA will be attending as many of these meetings as possible, particularly in areas where there are PSA members. At these meetings, management will provide information and take questions. This will be followed by union meeting.

We are also asking members to provide feedback by email to PSA.

Campaigning Continues
On Wednesday 13 November 2019 the PSA, RTBU and other impacted unions attended Parliament House to give the Premier, Stephan Marshall over 3,000 post cards signed by members of the public calling on him to stop the privatisation of the trams. The Premier refused to accept these postcards. Union members then attended a Liberal Party function on Sunday where the Premier once again avoided the hand over by going in a back entrance.

The Premier continues to ignore the outrage from the public about the broken promise that his government would not have a privatisation agenda. The PSA continue to stand with other unions to get the community’s and your message to the Government and take further action to stop the privatisation of trams and trains.