Too Much Talking and Not Enough Action for Medical Records Staffing

28 November 2017

PSA members have been raising concerns about the staffing levels, workload and health and safety issues in medical records for many months with no real outcome from management.

Members continue to have concerns about:

  •  a lack of adequate staff
  •  unmanageable workloads
  •  storage of case notes
  •  the volume of case notes currently being stored

Most recently a labour matrix was developed, with assistance from your PSA Worksite Representatives, to help establish the level of staffing needed to manage the work. It is disappointing that this tool now seems to be being used inaccurately by management to argue for a reduction in staff.

Members in medical records will continue to pursue overall staff increases which will assist all hospital staff in the management of records. In the meantime, weekend staffing has become a crisis issue.

The workload on the weekend has increased significantly. With only two staff members rostered on the weekend, when staff are required to deliver records to other departments, one staff member is left alone for long periods of time.

Recently there was a code blue in medical records resulting in a staff member being rushed to ED. If this had occurred on the weekend it could have been a lot worse.

The PSA has written to management seeking an increase in staff for the weekend roster.

PSA members will be taking action by not leaving their department for any reason. There will be an impact on members in other departments however the PSA asks for support of your fellow union members. Action will commence this weekend if there is no satisfactory response from management.

Members in medical records have been trying to resolve this issue for months by talking and meeting, however it is now time to see some action from management.