Time to Claim Your Higher Duties

07 March 2016

The Department for Education and Child Protection (DECD) has now agreed with the Public Service Association (PSA) that OPS2 higher duties will be paid when working in an OPS3 role.

PSA worksite representatives last year raised the concerns that PSA members were being 'short changed' when acting in higher duties. The actions of your PSA Worksite Representatives has made a difference in getting this issue resolved.

It has also been agreed that no staff member will be directed to work in higher duties roles, so those not comfortable acting up can refuse.

PSA members must remind their management when working in higher duties to have this signed off/approved (seek advice from your PSA Worksite Representatives if you encounter issues).

Also review your previous rosters and request for adjustments to be made when you have acted up in an OPS3 role – if your supervisor or manager refuses to sign off on those shifts, seek assistance from the PSA or your PSA Worksite Representatives.

There have also been some instances of OPS3s working in OPS4 roles last year. This was also agreed to be paid back with a director's approval.

On another matter, the issue of ensuring members have a minimum three hours pay or TOIL for staff meetings remains unresolved. No one should get one hour of pay or TOIL for such a shift. A number of sites are still being reported as not providing the three hour minimum engagement. Where you encounter this do make a claim with your management in writing and advise the PSA when that is denied.

For further information or clarification please contact your PSA Worksite Representatives or the PSA.