The SA Health Future Structure Design | Call for PSA Members’ Contributions

04 February 2019

The PSA has received a briefing from senior management about the future of SA Health considering the changes made last year to the Health Act with the introduction of Local Health Boards across the state. A Future State Design Proposal for SA Health has been provided to the PSA for consultation and will be released to all staff with information meetings being organised by the Department this week.

The proposal contains a new structural design for SA Health that reflects the changes made to the Health Act in 2018. There are significant implications arising from the changes to the structure of the health system that will impact on members currently working in SA Health.

These include:

  •  The possibility of boards being the employer of staff in a devolved system shifting the roles of SA Health staff
  •  A significant change to the powers of the CE of SA Health under the legislation with most of the functions moving to board level
  •  A change to the internal structure and functions of SA Health which could lead to loss and/or devolving of jobs
  •  A shift in the process of determining and implementing central health policy, e.g. Women's Health, Aboriginal Health

PSA members are certain to also identify other issues that need to be clarified and considered or questions that need answering as part of the consultation process.

The PSA will be providing a formal response to the proposal. We urge members to participate in the consultation process and send any issues, questions or comments to the PSA by Wednesday 13 February.

PSA will also be visiting SA Health worksites this week to discuss this proposal directly with members.