Thank you for Keeping our Children Safe

05 September 2016

This week is National Child Protection Week (4-10 September 2016). The PSA thanks all of our members in Families SA working in child protection for keeping our children safe.

Without the commitment, passion, knowledge and experience of dedicated Child Protection workers, our most vulnerable children would not be safe. There is not always a thank you, or recognition of your work, but this week we want to make sure you know your hard work and dedication is appreciated.

PSA members have voiced concerns in the At Breaking Point campaign, raised concerns locally and agency wide, advocated for better working conditions, tackled inefficient system issues, stood up for safe environments for children and workers, and contributed information and submissions to the Nyland Royal Commission. Thank you to our members for your dedication to Child Protection, your voice, and working together in union to keep our children safe.

The PSA will continue to work with your PSA Worksite Representatives and you as members, as we continue campaigning towards ongoing improvements to working conditions and the Child Protection system.

Attached is a poster thanking you on behalf of all Public Sector Unions across Australia.