TAFE SA - Review Updates: Facilities and Procurement Services (FAPS) Review and Metbac Stores Review

08 November 2016

The Public Service Association (PSA) has been actively involved in supporting members and providing advice throughout TAFE SA reviews and restructures. PSA advocacy and member feedback highlighting a number of concerns with the proposed restructures has led to TAFE SA management putting both of these reviews on hold.


The PSA and member concerns with this proposed restructure included:

  • Insufficient information to enable the PSA and members to provide fully informed feedback as to the effectiveness (or otherwise) of the proposed structure
  • Workload concerns and lack of contingencies to mitigate workload or other consequences of the restructure
  • Previous reviews (including by Ernst Young) not being taken into consideration when developing the proposed structure
  • Lack of discussion with key staff, including senior managers, when developing the proposed structure

During this period, the Director of FAPS also left on a period of leave that will take him up to his contract expiry, with the Director of ICT, Craig Carter, then becoming Director of the newly combined Facilities, ICT and Procurement Services business unit.

As a result of all of the above, Simon Porter, Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development, has taken over the Review, and is undertaking further exploration of information and feedback prior to TAFE SA making any further decisions about proposed FAPS review.


The PSA and members also held concern with this review regarding the lack of information to allow fully informed feedback, including role descriptors and accurate organisational charts; and also concerns regarding workload and workflow implications. With the Director away on TAFE business, TAFE SA elected to place this review on hold until the Director had returned and until further work can be undertaken regarding the outstanding information required for the PSA and members to review.

The PSA thanks members for raising their concerns and working with the PSA to ensure their voices are heard. The PSA will continue to remain actively involved in these reviews and in any future matters affecting PSA members, and looks forward to further collective and united work with members.