TAFE SA PSA Update – PSA Workplace Survey; And Who Are Your PSA Worksite Representatives?

04 January 2019

PSA Organiser visited all metropolitan TAFE SA sites in November last year and held a country tele/video conference in December.

It was wonderful to meet so many salaried staff and hear about what issues concern you, as well as your ideas and the good things about working at TAFE SA.

As part of those visits, Rosie distributed a TAFE SA PSA Workplace Survey to all salaried staff that she spoke with. The aim of the survey is to gather concerns and ideas from staff to enable the PSA and your Worksite Representatives to plan around those matters and work with members to improve your working lives.

Many staff have already returned their surveys, but for those who have misplaced them and country members, a copy is attached here. The contact details on the survey are only so that the PSA can follow up with staff regarding items noted on the survey – for example, to seek further information – and will not be distributed to anyone else.

The PSA encourages members to share this survey with all salaried staff and to return them as soon as possible to PSA. This will enable PSA to collate the results, discuss them with your Worksite Representatives, and then provide that information and plans for resolutions back to members for discussion.