Tafe SA Dispute - Facilities and Procurement Services

29 September 2016

As directed unanimously by PSA FAPS members at the meeting of members held on 27 September 2016, the Public Service Association (PSA) has written to TAFE SA CEO, Mr Robin Murt, to formally notify of a dispute in relation to the FAPS Review, in accordance with Clause 27 (Grievance and Dispute) of the South Australian Public Sector Wages Parity Enterprise Agreement: Salaried 2014 (EA). A copy of the correspondence sent to Mr Murt today (29 September 2016) can be found here.

As discussed in the letter to Mr Murt, the dispute is in relation to the failure of TAFE SA to provide the outstanding information that Mr Bob Burton, Director of FAPS, had committed to forward to all FAPS staff and the PSA; and the failure of TAFE SA to confirm that the ten day consultation period would be re-commence following receipt of the additional information.

The PSA have sought a response by close of business today, in relation to:

  • time frames regarding when the outstanding information, will be provided to all FAPS staff and the PSA;
  • confirmation that the consultation period will be re-aligned to be 2 weeks from the receipt of that information by all staff and the PSA; and
  • that status quo remains, by the way of no further progress of this review process, until the issues outlined above are resolved.

Further updates will be provided to members as soon as a response is received.

Any members approached to undertake any further processes associated with this review while the matter remains in dispute are urged to contact the PSA.