Tafe SA Campus Closure Consultation Dispute Update

20 November 2018

The Director Human Resources and Organisational Development (HR & OD) has now responded to the PSA raised matters for clarification with TAFE SA that had not been included in their summary letter, but had been discussed at the meeting on 8 November 2018, regarding the campus closures consultation dispute.

  •    In relation to the "rumours" prior to the budget announcements of Women's Programs and Foundation Skills moving from Port Adelaide campus, the PSA sought confirmation that these programs were not relocating at this time. The response from the Director of HR & OD states "At present, TAFE SA is concentrating on the relocation and consultative processes for Tea Tree Gully and Parafield. As proposals for the other campuses are finalised, consultation processes will commence. The PSA will receive formal notification prior to the commencement of any staff consultation."
  •    In relation to Tea Tree Gully Campus still being advertised as a campus delivering services for Semester One 2019; the commitment from TAFE SA that this would be rectified; and advice that a "script" would be provided to Information Services Officers and other staff likely to receive queries from potential new students about where courses may be delivered, the Director of HR & OD advises that TAFE SA have "...distributed scripts through Student Experience for use by staff within this and other campuses. These are now available on the TAFE SA intranet...." and if "...members are still uncertain regarding access and use of these scripts, I would ask that they contact their team leaders for further support." In addition, the PSA was advised that "The removal of Tea Tree Gully from campus preference will occur upon the commencement of student consultation, which will occur simultaneously with staff consultation."

The PSA has indicated that, based on the responses provided, the PSA will close this dispute at this point. TAFE SA has indicated they wish to meet with the PSA and your Worksite Representatives (WSRs) again this week. The PSA is awaiting confirmation of this meeting date/time.

It is noted that the PSA received the Terms of Reference and membership information of the Campus Closure Consultative Committee in TAFE SA's summary letter. However as far as the PSA is aware, this information has not been provided to staff as per TAFE SA’s commitment to do so; nor has any communique been issued to staff and/or the PSA following the Campus Closure Consultative Committee on 8 November 2018 as also committed to by TAFE SA. The PSA will raise these issues at the meeting to be held with TAFE SA this week.

The PSA will keep members updated with developments. Please contact PSA with any further concerns or queries relating to these or any other matters.