TAFE SA Adelaide Members Resolve to Continue the Fight Against Job and Service Cuts

28 February 2020

Public Service Association (PSA) members held a Stop Work Meeting on Thursday 27 February 2020 at TAFE SA Adelaide.

TAFE SA PSA members did not take this action lightly, but did so to fight for a well resourced and high quality TAFE SA for the South Australian community.

Supported by PSA Assistant General Secretary Natasha Brown and PSA Organiser, the well attended meeting of PSA members discussed their concerns about the sudden and drastic actions being taken by TAFE SA in recent weeks.

On top of now 12 restructures, casuals are not being employed, vacancies are not being filled, contracts are not being extended, and the proper processes for consultation with staff are not being followed.

While the PSA has notified the Chief Executive of TAFE SA of a dispute in relation to the restructures and is awaiting a response to this, the overarching issues remain and the impacts of the actions taken already were discussed. PSA members relayed multiple examples of impacts on their workloads and wellbeing, the risk to the organisation, and the direct impacts to their students.

PSA members unanimously passed the following resolution at the meeting:

“PSA members at Adelaide TAFE condemn the Chief Executive of TAFE SA and the State Liberal Government for placing our Public VET Provider at risk through continual job cuts and restructures which create uncertainty and disruption, increased the workload of staff, reduce the quality and access for students and fail to meet the social obligations of our TAFE system.

We call on the Chief Executive to immediately cease the proposed restructures to enable staff to be genuinely consulted about the impact of cuts to staff, students and the operation and quality of TAFE in South Australia.

We also call on the Chief Executive to immediately fill vacant positions, continue contracts and reinstate the use of casual staff.”

Today was the first step in action by PSA members across TAFE SA. Members supported ongoing action across all of TAFE SA so that TAFE SA members can stand together to protect the services you provide, manage your workloads and keep our high quality public TAFE. Members participating in PSA authorised industrial action, such as yesterday’s stop work meeting, are protected to do so.

Keep an eye out for PSA notices about further actions.