TAFE SA – Urgent Update – Dispute Conciliation Conference Listed

08 December 2017

Further to the Public Service Association’s (PSA’s) Information Update of 7 December 2017, PSA Worksite Representatives will attend with the PSA, a dispute conciliation conference which has been listed in the South Australian Employment Tribunal (SAET) for Monday 11 December 2017 regarding restructures/reviews and realignments. In the meantime TAFE SA communicated with the PSA regarding their understanding of “status quo”.

TAFE SA has advised that they will:

  •  Cancel the Facilities and Procurement final Structure meeting that was scheduled for Monday 11 December then take no further action;
  •  Continue the consultation period for the Library/Info Services Review until 13 December (despite not providing all required information to employees and the PSA as per Commissioner’s Determination 7) then take no further action; and
  •  Continue with expressions of interest until 15 December about the Improving Practices Project then take no further action.

TAFE have advised that they will ONLY hold these internal Restructures/Reviews and Realignments "until further clarification has been obtained as to the scope of the ‘Nous Group Review’ and/or upon receipt of further information from Minister Close with reference to the PSA’s letter to Minister Close. TAFE SA will consult with the PSA upon receipt of further information."

The PSA advised TAFE SA that concern remains regarding their position in relation to the status quo requirements of the South Australian Public Sector Wages Parity Enterprise Agreement Salaried 2014 and advised that:

  •  The PSA requires consultation for the Information Services Review to be suspended immediately, and expressions of interest for the Improving Practices process to also be suspended immediately. Continuing with these processes will add to concern and confusion for staff.
  •  The PSA's position regarding the timeframes for status quo have also been made clear - ie "until such time as the outcomes are known regarding recommendations from the independent review".

The PSA advised that if TAFE SA are able to confirm the above the PSA would contact SAET and seek that listing be placed on hold at this point.

TAFE SA replied, advising that their position has not changed.

As such, the PSA has continued with our request to SAET for an urgent hearing, so that this matter can be resolved quickly for members.

SAET have responded to the PSA’s call for an urgent hearing and have listed the matter for this Monday morning 11 December 2017.

The PSA will report further to members following Monday’s hearing.

As reported in our previous Update, once further information is known regarding the external Review and associated processes, the PSA will undertake meetings at all sites as well as hold a Skype meeting for all country members.