TAFE SA – PSA Wins – Outcomes from Dispute Conciliation Conference - Reviews Dispute

20 December 2017

As reported in the Public Service Association’s (PSA) Information Update on 8 December 2017, the PSA had lodged a Notification of Industrial Dispute in the South Australian Employment Tribunal (SAET). This related to the TAFE SA Internal Reviews/Restructures and Realignments and the External Review announced by the Minister for Education and Higher Skills, to be conducted by the Nous Group.

The matter was heard on 11 December 2017 before Commissioner McMahon.

The PSA is aware that PSA members have not received any update until now. However it was important that a clear and consistent message be provided to members, by including the Commissioner's Statement of Recommendations as part of the Information Update. TAFE SA only provided their agreement to the final draft of these Recommendations on 18 December 2017, with the Commissioner forwarding the finalised Statement that afternoon.

The PSA's concerns were upheld in SAET, as is evident from the outcomes agreed and reflected in the Statement of Recommendations which can be found here. TAFE SA themselves admitted to not knowing what the full details of the External Nous Group Review were at this point, and discussed the current uncertainty as a result.

Members who have already contacted the PSA are pleased that these outcomes were achieved, which will ensure that Internal Review/Restructures and Realignments cannot proceed until further is known about the Nous Review Terms of Reference, and any possible implications on those internal processes.

If those Internal Review/Restructures and Realignments are not impacted by the Nous Review Terms of Reference, then they can progress - but with differing time frames as noted in the Statement, and not until at least 8 January 2018, when the large majority of campuses will have re-opened.

SAET has also left the matter open, in case of any further concerns from PSA members in relation to this issue that are unable to be resolved with TAFE SA.

As reported in our previous Update, once further information is known regarding the external Review and associated processes, the PSA will hold meetings at all sites as well as a Skype meeting for all country members.