TAFE SA | PSA Campaign Update | State Government Backs Down on Some Campus Closures | But Why Still Close Port Adelaide?

05 August 2019

The Public Service Association (PSA) thanks members for your ongoing commitment to the fight to keep TAFE SA campuses open. This has had an impact, with the announcement from the Minister for Education on 12 July 2019 that all but one of the remaining campuses earmarked for closure will remain open. The collective action of PSA members has had a positive effect!

One example of this action was PSA members and staff leafleting the ABC Gardener’s Market, with 550 flyers handed out to members of the public who were unanimously concerned with the Government’s plans, and it is clear that industry were also concerned.

The PSA and members have also actively campaigned against the proposed closure of Port Adelaide campus, with a well attended Rally held with unions, members, teachers, students and the community united in their demands for this campus to remain open.

The community and students at Port Adelaide have not been consulted. It was clear from a PSA student survey that students did not want the campus to close. A significant number indicated they were likely to re-consider their studies if relocation was to occur due to lack of child care, extended travel and other factors.

The PSA is committed to continue the fight against the closure of Port Adelaide. We are in the process of developing the next phase of the campaign and would love to hear your ideas for campaign as well as any examples, information and concerns about the impact of the closure.