TAFE SA | Proposed Facilities And Procurement Services (FAPS) Restructure | Further Update

11 July 2019

On 18 June 2019, the PSA requested additional information from TAFE SA in relation to their further response to members’ feedback about the proposed FAPS restructure. This was because the response still did not provide clarity or full information on a number of matters.

That afternoon, the State Budget confirmed some of the concerns raised by PSA members such as the return of buildings to TAFE SA from Renewal SA and the movement of some staff from Department for Innovation and Skills. That same morning, this concern generated a response from TAFE SA that “TAFE SA cannot comment on the validity of information provided to the PSA.”

Other issues were also raised by members including:

  •  the issuing of TVSP offers with unreasonably short timeframes even though consultation had not been completed
  •  the movement of all plant and equipment under Facilities
  •  the inaccurate information contained in the response regarding Gilles Plains Stores.

As a result, the PSA emailed TAFE SA again regarding these issues on 19 and 20 June 2019 (here).

No response was received, yet TAFE SA issued a FAPS Update to staff on 1 July 2019, stating that implementation of the new structure would commence the next day. This was despite the fact that role descriptions had not been reviewed or updated so that matching/transition processes can be undertaken genuinely.

The PSA immediately emailed TAFE SA (here), referring to the above role description issue, and also the lack of response to the PSA’s email. TAFE SA responded that day, advising that implementation would not proceed until after a response was received.

TAFE SA has since verbally confirmed that they will advise the PSA when all RDs are completed, and that transition/implementation will not commence until after that time. They have also agreed to engage in consultation with the PSA and members when further information is known about the transfer of assets to TAFE SA.

The PSA again requested a response to the issues emailed on 20 June 2019. This has not yet been provided but will be forwarded to your PSA Worksite Representative (WSR) for distribution when received.

An enormous thanks goes to your PSA WSR and all FAPS members for your active engagement and input into this process. You have held TAFE SA to account about the industrial rights of members in restructure processes. The PSA will continue to work with your WSR and members to monitor the transition and implementation processes, including identification of issues that arise out of the restructure, and collective action to resolve those issues.