TAFE SA | Positive Outcomes for Members | PSA Dispute About Core Skills Profile for Adults (CSPA) Testing Concerns

23 October 2019

The PSA lodged a dispute in the South Australian Employment Tribunal (SAET) following a lack of response from TAFE SA to PSA members’ concerns with the CSPA process.

Following a meeting and an exchange of emails to confirm TAFE SA’s proposals to resolve the PSA and members’ concerns, the PSA advises of the following positive outcomes:

  •  Staff at the ASO2 classification who undertake CSPA supervision will be provided an additional duties allowance to ASO3(1) for each CSPA session they supervise.
  •  Staff at the ASO2 classification who have supervised CSPA sessions since July 1, 2019, will be back-paid. TAFE SA advises that they are currently processing these claims.
  •  All ASO2/ASO3 staff who may be asked to undertake this role will be clearly advised this is voluntary, and that they have the opportunity to opt out if they wish.
  •  As well as the training already in place, training will be made available to staff on public speaking and supervisory skills (including behaviour/reading signs/difficult conversations). This will be provided by TAFE SA, and will be conducted by Senior Workforce Development Consultant and will occur in either groups or one on one depending on need.   This will commence from this week (dates to be confirmed).
  • During a workday when staff are absent to conduct CSPA supervision:
    •   Managers will communicate to teams advising who is offline undertaking CSPA supervision and appropriate contacts.
    •    Where work can be undertaken during supervision this can occur, however where not, the manager will have in place a process to discuss work that needs to be completed during the absences and make an assessment about what needs to occur by who and what can wait. Managers will prioritise tasks.
  •  As well as staff "shadowing" others who have already undertaken the CSPA invigilation, staff who are new in undertaking the role will be offered the opportunity to have an experienced staff member come in with their session for support and mentoring.
  •  TAFE SA will reinforce that "senior support staff" must make themselves available at all times when rostered for this role; and that those contact details will be provided to all undertaking these sessions.
  •  A communication will go to all relevant staff advising of the matters discussed. The PSA has received a copy of this communication from TAFE SA that was sent to staff on 22 October 2019.

Due to the above processes being agreed by TAFE SA, the PSA has withdrawn the dispute lodged in SAET.

The PSA thanks members for raising their concerns and is pleased that the advocacy of the PSA and your WSRs has led to additional processes being put in place around CSPA supervision.

The PSA encourages members to utilise the mentoring/shadowing support, undertake the additional training to provide skills and confidence in undertaking CSPA supervision, and discuss any workload concerns with your line managers. The PSA also reminds members that they have the right to opt-out of undertaking CSPA supervision if they wish.

If PSA members encounter any further issues please discuss with your PSA WSR or contact PSA.

The PSA has also raised the issue of workloads in the new structure with TAFE SA given that the requirement for TAFE SA to provide face-to-face CSPA invigilation will be ongoing. Members would be aware from other PSA Information Updates that a separate dispute has been notified regarding the lack of workload assessments as part of the Student Experience Transformation Restructure. The PSA will keep members updated on that dispute.